Mi manifesto. Playswithsquirrels, where you at?

  • Always hold the door open. Even if you make the person do the awkward -jog to the door- thing.
  • Always say thank you.
  • Always tell your parents you love them.
  • Always take the picture.
  • Always take time to visit your grandparents.
  • Always stop and smell the roses, literally.
  • Always take a second to breath in the salty air, unless it is that salt/exhaust mixture from a plow truck. In that case, keep walking. Do not inhale until you have reached your destination.
  • Always dance with Ellen.
  • Always ask the question.
  • Always have a lint roller close by.
  • Always drink as much water as you can.
  • Always have a warm, fluffy bathrobe.
  • Always make an effort. With friends, family, work, that book you’ve been trying to read for the last 4 months.
  • Always celebrate birthdays.
  • Always be genuine.
  • Always watch that cheesy Lifetime movie, never deny that you loved it and its cheap production.
  • Always make sure you locked your car. Press that button 5 times.
  • Always make time for a good Full House or Boy Meets World episode.
  • Always make sure you have spare gloves in your car, an umbrella, and a spare CD (or 50) from high school, just in case.
  • Always save that “delish” recipe onto your notes, even if you forget about it and never look at it ever again.
  • Always buy the perfect holiday wrapping paper.
  • Always make time for the gym.
  • Always be friends with your mom’s friends, especially if they’re as great as mine (shout out TH girls, Auntie and Miss Chris).
  • Always show your support for Britney Spears.
  • Always have a reliable pair of sunglasses.
  • Always show your appreciation.
  • Always look for the 4 leaf clover, always give up after 15 seconds (maximum).
  • Always find a reason to celebrate.
  • Always take Mr Feeney’s advice to heart.
  • Always plan a good hour and a half to go to Marshall’s/Home Goods. Even if you are putting your blinders on and “just making a return”, I promise that there is most definitely a time warp as soon as you walk through those doors and enter that enchanted world filled with Halloween plates and work out pants.
  • Always pause House Hunters to catch that killer sunset.
  • Always lose yourself to the intro of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. #momsspagetti
  • Always make sure your fingernail polish matches your toes.
  • Always have a go to pair of yoga pants. Aerie, been holding onto you since ’08. May have multiple holes, may be 3 inches too short, you still da absolute bomb.
  • Always have a flashlight next to your bed. Cause my dad said so. PREACH Theo!
  • Always have multiple playlists prepared for different occasions. Rainy day, driving jams, a heavy lift, St Patrick’s Day, and my personal favorite… oldies.
  • Always have Vick’s vapo rub on standby. Even in July.
  • You DO NOT always have to make your bed, though. Tell your mom I said it’s okay.
  • Never try to hold back your tears while watching the Notebook.   I’ll be seeing you, Noah.
  • Never ignore your Grandmother’s phone call.
  • Never keep your clean laundry, unfolded, in your basket for longer than a week………. Or until your sister says she needs an empty basket and starts searching the house.   Dump those clothes on your bed and sneak that basket back where it belongs. Always fear the wrath of your frantic sis.
  • Never have too many sweatpants.
  • Never try to act like you don’t know every single word to every single Drake song.
  • Never turn down the chocolate.
  • Never wear gel deodorant.
  • Never throw away your yearbooks.
  • Never have too many socks.
  • Never choose the chips at Panera Bread (It’s called Panera BREAD for a reason…am I right?).
  • Never arrive to Bon Vue a second after 9:30 PM on a Thursday night.
  • Never say no to dinner with friends.   Chemistry homework can wait. Nachos and margaritas cannot.
  • Never turn down a good photo op.
  • Never stop buying sports bras.
  • Never stop showing love to your pets.
  • Never stop doing the Macarena.
  • Never stop snail mailing your best friends, there is nothing better than getting something in the mail from your favorite humans. Or from Amazon. Nothing. Better.
  • Never walk by that piñata without finding a reason to buy it.
  • Never stop surprising people.
  • Never stop wondering why Target bathrooms always smell like apples.
  • Never forget where you came from.
  • Never miss a Modern Family marathon. Cam and Mitchel for the win.
  • Never hold back from asking your Uber driver why they are choosing to drive people around at 2 am. If they are short with you, do not stop until you find out that they moved here from Minnesota 37 days ago, prefer more jelly than peanut butter on their sandwich and that their child is turning 8 on April 25th.
  • Never make eye contact through the crack in the bathroom stall.
  • Never count how many empty water bottles you collect in your car. You will suddenly feel like a hoarder that needs to get their life together immediately.
  • Never send the Snapchat if your friend doesn’t like how they look. ALWAYS save that ish for later fun loved blackmail.
  • Never be ashamed to watch the Lizzie McGuire movie.   Paolo, you dog.
  • Never, NEVER delete your selfies from middle school.   Embrace the pimples. Embrace the braces. Embrace the aeropostale t shirts. ~Crazy 8 haiiiiii~
  • Never play Candyland if you are as competitive as I am. Just when you think you get past Lord Licorice, you flip that card and he ruins your life.

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