Self-discipline in the kitchen!


We all love a good cookie. Or two. Or five. Especially when they are shaped like wreaths and snowmen. The holidays are awesome, but also REALLY HARD when trying to maintain a healthy diet. Soon, I’ll be posting under “Seasonal” about how to get through the holidays in more aspects than just your health, but for now, your nutritional health and self-discipline are my focus!


I know this time of year is hard, cookie swaps, holiday gatherings.   I know the
summertime is hard, cookouts and s’mores by the fire. I know the fall is hard, pumpkin bread and warm sugary apple cider. And spring…….. spring is just hard because there is WAY too much rain and definitely not enough time to stay home and nap.

I’ve combined my thoughts and ideas on how to amp up your self-discipline when it comes to diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Let me stop there. When I say diet, I don’t mean some crazy over the top only eat celery and drink 8 jugs of water a day kind of diet. When I say diet, I’m referring to your daily intake of calories and where you are getting those calories from. Whether it be good or bad, that is what I consider your diet.

For all of you that look down upon the word “diet” because you automatically link it to the crazy celery/water phenomenon posted above, go back, erase, forget everything negative that you have ever thought about the word diet, and continue reading.

I always tell my clients it’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle. This kinda puts things into perspective, and you begin to think about your lifestyle. What stands out? What’s important? What makes your lifestyle, your lifestyle? Your kids? Your best friends? Your grandmother? Your cat? What’s more important, those brownies topped with thick, fudgey frosting or spending the most time on this earth that you can, with the people and things that matter the most to you? I think I know the answer.

I know it’s difficult, and I’m definitely not saying that my diet is perfect day in and day out. I’m human, too. For years I have worked and worked through stages of crazy obsessive nutrition plans that have sent me through the roof insane, to lenient plans that haven’t been enough of a challenge. And everything in between. All of these stages have helped my discipline become stronger (I’ll be sharing more about my relationship with food, including the ups and downs, another time). On this post, I’m hoping to share with you some quick tips on how to work on your self-discipline.

Grocery shopping:

Shop the perimeter! You won’t be finding any chips or cookies around the edges of the store 😉

If you think that an item may be an issue for you to have in the house, do not buy it!!! If you do purchase it, and you notice that you cannot stop picking at it, THROW IT OUT. I mean yeah, you may be wasting a few dollars. Wasting $2 from a bag of chips is better than finishing every last bite, just because, worth a heaping 600 calories (OR MORE, PEOPLE!!).

Be careful of trigger foods. If you want to try a new granola, but think that it may trigger you to start snacking or eat more than planned, leave it on the shelf. Trigger foods are different for everyone. For me, believe it or not, grapes are a HUGE trigger.

Pre meal hunger:

Waiting for your meal to be done cooking? Drink a full bottle of water while prepping every meal. This will help you to become fuller, faster.


Check out the serving sizes, chances are, you’re eating double.

Get to the store and buy a food scale! This will come in handy more than you think when tracking portion sizes.

Track. Track. Track. On a notepad, on an app, whatever!! You may not realize how much a handful of crackers really entails. But, don’t go crazy. Make it fun! What can you fit in today without going overboard?   Consider it….jenga.


Hungry or bored?:

Distinguish between being hungry or being bored. We’ve all done it, we’ve all complained about how hungry we are when really we are just bored out of our minds. If you are really THAT hungry, you shouldn’t have to think about whether or not you are hungry or bored.

At night tips:

Always go to bed satisfied, never starving, never stuffed (this goes for anytime of the day, too). You never want to be overstuffed like you just ate a Thanksgiving dinner! Always be satisfied. Unless it’s actually Thanksgiving. Just make sure that you have saved enough room for that late night leftover sandwich of absolute goodness.

“Cheat” meal:

NOOOOO!!! Don’t call it a “cheat”. This excites our brains and makes us think that we are cheating on our healthy lifestyle, this can get our of hand and lead to binging, FAST.

If you feel that you can have one meal of your choice a week, without any extra snacks or desserts, go for it!   Enjoy every bite! Savor the moment!


Write down any form of craving that you are having. Where is it coming from? Is it because of the commercial on TV? Or someone you heard talking about it in the mall? Find out where it’s coming from, ease the craving.

For me, following social media that present any type of baking has me CRAVING sweets like crazy!!!!! Consider unfollowing these pages if you feel they are doing the same thing to you. Not forever, but just temporarily until these cravings go away (P.S. don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE these sites, they’re awesome and have sooo many good cooking and baking recipes.  I could honestly watch them all day.).

IF AND ONLY IF YOU CAN HAVE A SMALL PORTION OF A CRAVING WITHOUT GOING OVERBOARD, DO SO. This may ease the mental aspect, just MAKE SURE to control the physical aspect, which means do not allow binging to take place!!!!!!!!!


Plan ahead! If you are friendly with the host, find out what food will be available. Use your intuition, if there are options that make your mouth water yet you know are a poor decision, ask if you can bring something. This way, you can hardcore brainstorm on Pinterest and find something that you can eat, too! Or, eat before hand!

Do not, I repeat, do not take leftovers home. If the host offers for you to take a plate, politely share that you are trying to improve your diet, and would rather keep the party food, at the party!

It’s not the end of the world. You don’t NEED that piece of cheesecake with the extra caramel drizzle and buttery crust. You’ll have it again in your lifetime. Focus on now, focus on this moment, focus on staying strong. If you feel necessary, choose a small dessert and pair it with a bottle of water.

YOU CAN DO IT. I promise you will feel better, happier, more confident, more energized, and super accomplished for being able to stick to your goals and control your mind and body. I always consider how much better I feel when I am making better choices in the kitchen, which motivates me to leave the ice cream in the freezer aisle and buy more veggies! Self-discipline is the key. And now, your healthy lifestyle is a-go!!!!!!

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