“new year, new me”… girl bai.

The above statement, is the huge problem with resolutions. For some reason, we believe that everything starts over in the “new” year, as soon as the clock strikes 12, but this isn’t quite true. The only thing that changes from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day is the long overdue discard of Christmas cookies and the amount of confetti (among other things) that you find in your hair the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against resolutions! I just believe that making a resolution can happen at ANY time of the year. Just like how we all say that we’ll “start on Monday”, well why not start on a Tuesday? Or a Saturday night? Why not get ahead of the game? 🙂

I try to avoid the word “resolution”, because I feel that it puts a lot of pressure onto us. People always ask, what’s your resolution for the New Year?, followed up with, you don’t have one yet??!!!! So we end up picking a random resolution that we overheard someone else share in the grocery store and then we lose interest faiiiiirly quickly. I try to think of a bunch of little goals that in turn will make me a better person, instead of one huge master plan that’s going to rule my life for the next year, or in some cases…. the next three days. Lets be real 😉

With 2017 just around the corner, I’m sure we all reflect on the good, the bad, the awesome and the just plain ugly. For me, 2016 was a pretty rough, yet happy, yet sad year. Graduating college, leaving jobs, starting jobs, meeting new people, saying goodbye to good friends, and trying to find the money and motivation to become dare I say….. an adult before it smacks you in the face (with loans attached) when you least expect it.


2016, you crazy animal.

You have taught me that there’s nothing more important than family, and friends that ARE family.


You have taught me how to deal with spilling red wine on furniture, walls, carpets, and have brought me different ideas as to how to unsuccessfully clean the mess.. or just hide the stain.

You have taught me and drilled self-discipline into my mind.

You have proven to me that you really do find out who your friends are.Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 4.04.37 PM.png

You’ve thrown some unfortunate events my way, and surrounded me with the people that matter the most to help me through them.

You’ve taught me how to make a mean stir fry.

You’ve brought out a creative side in me that enjoys snappin pics, making shiny things for my frannnns and filling out coloring books til I can’t no mo.

You taught me never to skydive unless your friends go first. And then stay in the plane until it lands safely.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 4.45.13 PM.png

You brought me flat tires and car heaters that just don’t work, which in turn has taught me to keep my fluffy gloves in my glove compartment.

You’ve taught me how to budget and save up some cash so I’m not broke as a joke for the rest of my upcoming years.

You’ve graced me with the comeback of chokers ❤

You taught me NEVER to scan the oranges in the self-checkout line at Stop & Shop… seriously…. don’t even try.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 4.34.37 PM.png

You taught me that lipstick is where it’s at. Before this realization, I was lost.. but now.. I am found.

You lead me to college graduation, and to making decisions to put me on a brighterIMG_7888.jpg path in my field of work.

You’ve helped me to rely on myself and less on others, although it doesn’t take away from missing my far away friends everyday.

You’ve shown me how valuable time at home, on the couch, with nothing to do really is.

You’ve given me a new, soon to be, brother-in-law.

You’ve taught me not to leave my car on E overnight.

IMG_7008.JPGYou’ve taught me never to miss a St Patrick’s Day Parade. Even if there’s a fire.

You’ve given me the privilege of binge watching 90 day fiancé for a straight 9 hours. Ty, ty.

You’ve taught me to forgive and forget. But… to never completely forget (I’m workin on it).


Although there are soooooo many other things that have happened in 2016, the crazies mentioned above are the things that stand out to me most.  I can only learn from them, I can change some things, I can try not to scan any produce at Stop & Shop again, in hopes that 2017 will bring me a brighter future in the self-checkout line. There are always things that we can work on, goals that we can push toward, compile little resolutions that will hopefully stick, in hopes to better ourselves, to have more fun, or whatever else is on our minds. We all have ups and downs, and I just happen to be lucky enough that the ups stand out more to me than the downs. To another year in the books, a year of memories combined with a little leakage from laughing so hard, lots of cries with the support of my best friends and family, and lots of hard work and determination to get me where I’m at today. Enough of the serious talk, get out there, reflect on your year, figure out some ways to make the next one even better. Start today, there’s no time to waste 🙂

P.S., does anyone else hate when people say “see you next year!”, but also laugh ridiculously hard because of the cheesiness and the look of awaiting laughter from the jokester themselves? Love to love it.

Peace out 2016.


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