About Me

Oh hi friends! My name is Amy, and I’m a small town girl from little Rhody, also known as the Ocean State, also known as home to many people that I love DEARLY (s/o to my team… ukwur). I’m a ’94 babe, which prompts me to share that I’m reaching a ripe 23 years old. And…yes, I FEEL like I’m growing old (yet not exactly growing up) very quickly.

I’m a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island, trying to figure out my life img_9528like many 20 something year olds like myself (I hope???). Before I applied to college, I hardcore contemplated what I was going to do with my life… too many options… and honestly, too many things I enjoy! I ended up happily graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, and became a licensed Spin Instructor and Personal Trainer along the way.

I love my family, my friends, and straight up genuinely nice people. Pretty much an extremely indecisive chocolate addict-sock loving-fitness junkie-old soul-beach bum thrown into one. I love finding reasons to celebrate, shop and bake up small pieces of edible heaven.


When the thought came to me to start up a blog, I debated if I could do it. Am I boring? Could I even think of enough topics to share and post about? I quickly thought of many, maybe too many ideas, and I blame this partly on being a Gemini and partly because my mind wanders as fast as a child in toys r us (or me in TJ Maxx, you be the judge). I sat on my bed and began writing posts on my computer, and started to consider myself to be a closet blogger. So…. why not share with my peeps? That being said, I couldn’t just pick one topic to focus on. There’s just too much to talk about (did I mention I’m extremely indecisive?)!

I’m excited to share with you my life, my laughs, my rants and anything else that I think you’ll feel me on. In hopes that some of y’all can relate, share ideas, and take my hand walking forward in the peanut butter movement.

Refer over to “listicles” to check out my first post, my Manifesto, and learn a little bit more about me and my life behind the picket fence🙂

Peace, love, Britney.