Narragansett Eats

Narragansett, Rhode Island is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. Not only have I spent all of my summers there at our family beach house, but I spent the past 4 years calling this place home during college. The sights, the people, the beaches, the bars, the towers, the hidden side streets with the best views, it all makes my heart so happy.

From season to season, things really change around there. In the summer, its loaded with people of all ages, events are scheduled constantly throughout the week, and the Block Island ferry travels back and forth packed with passengers ready for a day of pineapple drinks and moped riding (or crashing). During the spring, winter and fall it’s a different story. College kids on college kids. RI starts to become overpopulated with NY and NJ license plates and ray bans, breakfast joints are packed on a Sunday morning, and you can’t drive through neighborhoods without having to interrupt a football game in the street.

The only aspect that doesn’t change throughout the year, is the food. Oh yesssssss, the food. I’ve tried to make the really hard decision to narrow down my favorite top 5 restaurants in Gansett, but…. I just can’t. So I broke it down meal by meal for you, planning out the best day trip ever. With lots of leftovers.


  1. Ocean Mist—can you say… views? The vibe in here is ridiculous. The chill servers, the music, the view, the décor, the $3 mimosas, annnnd more mimosas….. ahhhhh, heaven. I could stay there all day, can honestly not say enough about the gorgeous view.
  2. Meldgie’s Diner—you won’t be breaking the bank at this classic diner. With the 3 Meldgie’s locations, you’re sure enough to get the best breakfast around. And the best toast. Make your own mimosas and breakfast cocktails with their BYOB option! Get there early enough and the breakfast special is $2.95 🙂
  3. Phil’s Restaurant—an omelet lovers dream. Huge menu and the perfect spot for a warmer day, sit yourself on the rooftop and look over the small town of Wakefield. Perfect for lunch, too!
  4. Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar—a hole in the wall joint on Boon Street, right by the Narragansett wall! I guess all I should say is, BYOB.
  5. Coffee ‘n Bagel Connection—grab a quick bagel and coffee at this small café. Get ready to wait in line though, and DEFINITELY do not hesitate to grab an Allie’s Donut while you’re there, a Rhode Island must!! Cash only.


  1. Gansett Wraps—oh my favorite. Huge menu packed with wraps, pizza, wings, salads and soups! Oh and every time I go, I tell myself I don’t need the baklava… and then it somehow ends up in my to go bag I don’t know it’s weird………… favorite wrap, BBQ chicken!
  2. Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House—clamcakes and chowdah. And doughboys. Can’t get chowder anywhere better in Rhode Island!!! Order ahead on the phone, or be ready to wait in line for awhile!  Also located in Warwick, RI.
  3. The Bike Stop Cafe— SUPER comfortable yet small spot right off of Boon Street near Crazy Burger! Awesome décor, wood fired pizza, big menu and also BYOB. Hang in their new bar afterward for a nice glass of wine or a beer!
  4. I Zone—International Zone, located on URI’s campus. SO. GOOD. You’ll pretty much only want to go there as a recovery lunch on a Friday instead of going to class, after spending the night out at Bon Vue. We’ve all done it… don’t judge….. But make sure you go there with an empty stomach and someone to share a calzone with. You’ll definitely have leftovers, and always ask for extra sauce.
  5. George’s of Galilee—if you’re craving seafood and Iggy’s is packed, this is my second choice! Great view in the heart of Galilee, watch the BI ferry come through and wave to its passengers!


  1. Mew’s Tavern—pub food at it’s finest!  Wood fired pizza, pulled pork nachos, margs and dollar bars. Need I say more?
  2. The Bike Stop Cafe— yes it’s that good! Read description above 🙂
  3. Oceanside at the Pier—live bands, great bar, sitting right at one of the best spots on the Narragansett Pier. Watch the surfers at Narragansett beach and if you time it right, catch a perfect sunset with the Newport Bridge in sight. Sandwiched between a bunch of little shops on the pier, great for an after dinner stroll. Perfect summer spot!
  4. Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana—located in the South County Commons, not too far from Narragansett Beach. Order a sandwich, salad or wood fired pizza, cooked only by pizza chefs that have perfected their specialties in Italy. Carefully made to be the healthiest and the most digestible pizza around!!
  5. Charlie O’s Tavern—a classic restaurant if you can try not to think about what goes on there on a Saturday night when $7 pitchers of beer are sold.


  • Brickley’s—I only have one suggestion for ice cream because you’ll never find another place like Brickley’s. Not only is it homemade ice cream, but their flavors are unreal. Mint oreo is my absolute favorite! Their 2 locations are always packed, but the line moves fast so wait! I promise it’s more than worth it! Not to mention, once you get in the building you’ll never want to leave because it smells so amazing. Can we get a Brickley’s candle up in here? Kicks off the spring opening in the beginning of April and unfortunately closes in October. Yeah it might be on my calendar, so what? Cash only.

Oh hi sorry my mouth is just watering. Make a checklist and take a trip to each of these places! I promise you won’t be disappointed… and if you are, I’ll be happy to take your leftovers.


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